Spring, 1992 -

    NURSING, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach


    Sunday, May 20, 2001

    The Miami Herald - Miami Beach:
    Mount Sinai nurses receive prestigious service award













Amalia Eisenberg, an advanced registered nurse practitioner at Mount Sinai Medical Center, changes bandages for patient, Marlene Tijerino. The nursing staff at the hospital and the Miami Heart Institute are the recent recipients of a national award for excellence in nursing services.












About twenty years or so ago, Mount Sinai Medical Center on Miami Beach was in the business of recruiting young nurses from The Philippines. At that time, I worked in the Human Resources Department with the girl who was responsible for implementing the immigration procedures, which would start their careers at that prestigious institution. One of these young nurses was Amy!

Later on, Amy and I worked together in the University of Miami Department of Neurological Surgery located at Mount Sinai Medical Center. During that time, she was one of the 1992 recipients of the Harris Award for excellence in Nursing at Mount Sinai!

After that, whenever we met in the hospital corridors or spoke on the phone, she would always greet me fondly with sincere warmth and affection. I am very happy for her impressive academic and professional achievements, which are indeed only overshadowed by her simple charm, warmth, and personal charisma.

Congratulations, Amy! Best wishes always! Thanks for the good memories!