Today, I Weep for My Country....
By Senator Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.)

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War Weblog from an Iraqi civilian living in Baghdad - War Is Our Common Enemy - Outrage in Baghdad by April Hurley, M.D., Iraq Peace Team

"Liberation"    by Eric Blumrich    (Flash)

Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy (Buy One, Get One Free) by Arundhati Roy Presented in New York City at The Riverside Church May 13, 2003 Sponsored by the Center for Economic and Social Rights




3-20-03     Iraq's acting Ambassador to India, Mr Adday O Al-Sakab, on Thursday promised a long drawn-out battle with the USA, saying man-to-man combat would decide the eventual outcome on the ground. RealPlayer Video

3-18-03    Bush Ultimatum

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3.16.03 - American peace activist and human shield, Rachel Corrie (23 years old), is killed by an Israeli bulldozer in her attempt to stop the demolition of a Palestinian home in Rafah, Gaza 

3.2.04 - One Year Later, Justice Still Not Served: Remembering the Death of Rachel Corrie by Elizabeth Corrie :,6903,1469015,00.html
April, 2005  
Diary of an American martyr inspires a young audience in theatre's hit play

Rachel Corrie case- Israeli soldier in bulldozer 'did not see her' / World news / The Guardian.webloc October 21, 2010

March 16, 2013 - Ten Years on I Want Answers for my Daughter Rachel Corrie by Craig Corrie


















Civilian casualties update

Civilian casualties update