Gloria's Page Here we meet Gloria in Miami Beach and we see what she has been up to since she left Trinidad many years ago. We meet her family, her pet female Pekingese, Sheeza, and see many Caribbean beach scenes and Trinidad Carnival photos. Her uninterrupted work history in the healthcare industry makes a wonderful read - see Resume!

Mi Casita Blanca

The Saga of Elian   

Sheeza's Page - good photos for Pekingese lovers.     See Sheeza at 12 years old!

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Lamentations - Videos, Photos, Newsclips and Articles of the WTC American Tragedy - 9/11/2001            9/11/2005 - A Memorial

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SeniorScene Fantasy is for slightly senior folk. It is full of Caribbean flavor because of Gloria's happy memories of her homeland, the island of Trinidad. Enjoy photos and music of Trinidad Carnival, past and present. Many informative and entertaining links make this a very interesting place to relax,reminisce and enjoy.


Trinidad Re-Visited

London Re-Visited - October, 2000 -
In mid-October, 2000, I made an unexpected trip to London - see London Re-Visited! Lots of fun and a memorable time spent with my son, Nigel, who was sent by his company Viant, to work in London for several months! I am so proud of him!
Vonda Shepard sings, "Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)" - click on "van Gogh".
Photography gratefully acknowledged and accredited to Nigel Teixeira

May, 2001,   SPOTLIGHT   ON   AMY!  - Nurse Amy Eisenberg, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach

Jnne in South Florida - it's Royal Poinciana time! - Photos of my street ablaze with blooms!
More Poinciana Flowers, June, 2004

Viva Las Vegas! - July, 2001

The Latin Grammy Debacle!    - A Miami/Los Angeles Story   

San Francisco Story - Photos of visits in July and December, 2001

Yosemite -   Nigel in Snow at Yosemite,    In the Hall of the Mountain King - Photography by Nigel Teixeira

     Angelina Jolie




  Halle Berry makes Oscar History!
  Halle in October, 2003
  Halle, July, 2004 
  Halle - Photo Gallery



 St. Joseph's Convent, St. Joseph, Trinidad, West Indies. A boarding school, a school badge more than 50 years old - and the nun's story in 2001!


"Deli" - Weimaraner

Trini Nostalgia (Trinidad Re-Visited, Carnival, Calypsoes, Steelband Music) 

Trinidad and Tobago Photos
Trinidad Carnival        Steelband Music


California Dreamin' - 2004 visit to the Golden State